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Founder don stafford

We are a start-up organization, and as such do not as yet have land, and therefore, have neither

horses nor veterans to work with them. We will get both promptly after we aquire the land to have
them on. We are looking for a 20, 30, 50 +++ acre parcel that we can squeak into with a very
minimum down payment, or perhaps, a lease or rent option. If you know of someone who knows
someone with property, who would be willing to work with us, please help us make the connection.
We would especially like something in the sierra mountains or their foothills. A stream or other
sourse of water would be nice, but not mandatory. Property that is somewhat remote would be
appreciated. Off grid is a possibility. You can find my contact info on the contact page. Feel free to
call any time.

UPDATE: As of Feb 24 2012, we are approved by IRS
  to function as a non profit (501-c-3)
  I have been working for a long time now, on my own veteran's disability income, to get this
organization off the ground. With God's grace we will continue to advance our cause.

  As a disabled vet with PTSD, having spent years isolating myself in the mountains,
alienating myself from loved ones, etc, I have developed some unique plans on how to help
others avoid and/or solve some of these behaviors of their own. Foremost in importance is
to help fellow vets fight their own demons, as well as a very positive way to promote new,
and reestablish challenged, relationships. We need to leave a legacy for our loved ones, and
our goal here is to open doors for the vet to do that.

  The legacy we wish to help them establish, does not require grandeous schemes, or
 leaving behind a fabulous inheritance. Rather, our desire is to give veterans the opportunity
to create lasting memories with the people in their lives. Of prime importance is to give the
veteran a place where they can get in touch with their deepest self.

  While most of us vets have been analysed endlessly, with dubious results, there is a proven
way of bringing peace to many war worn souls. There exists a wealth of data and anecdotal
observations that show animals, especially horses, are able to help with the healing process
in a way that nothing else can. It is also very important to note
that modern training methods of horses involve a very gentle approach. If a horse bucks
foreinstance, when first mounted, then the training that was done, was not proper or adequate.
  For a horse that has been abused and/or abandoned, their fear factor
can only be calmed by bonding with someone they can learn to trust.
Similarily, the veteran, whos life has revolved around defending those unable to defend themself,
is the natural partner for for such an untrusting soul.

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